Henry Jabbour is a painter and printmaker.

Henry lives and works in Cambridge and Edinburgh. He trained in the visual arts in Edinburgh (Scotland) and New York where he obtained a Master of Fine Art in Painting and Printmaking.

'The Paintings are richly coloured but roughly brushed so that the figures, while vigorously present, also seem to be struggling to preserve their identity in the stream of time and space. These are existentialist pictures, reflecting the individual search for stable identity in the flux of experience. This is equally striking in the artist’s prints of sparely drawn and partly erased figures and his remarkable sculptures.' Duncan Macmillan - The Scotsman

“Jabbour’s work shows that in the right hands painting is not a static medium, but something alive and vibrant, with something new to say despite contemporary art’s pursuit of the novel and the technological.” Giles Sutherland - The Times

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